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Joining forces to achieve the shared goal of making young girls' voices heard and their wild spaces visible, Forest Hymn for Little Girls has been made possible by the support from St. Louis community organizations. 
For use of the forested campus of Raintree School, our main partner, and the participation of students to be filmed during the whole year in their wild environment - thank you.
Raintree School endeavors to instill in each child confidence, integrity, reverence and wonder. The school strives to cultivate an environment that enables students to recognize, accept and express their unique contributions as members of a global community while equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to imagine and innovate, to draw strength from reverence of the earth, to share in a life of peacemaking and to place their distinctive mark on the world.
The generous support from Bad Dog Pictures Cine Service, Aegis Law for legal service, Aerial Consultants for drone operations, Synchro for post-production and GIV for distribution - thank you.
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